Every one of us deals with a hair problem. Some face hair loss, while others are bothered by damaged and dry hair. How about you? What kind of hair problem do you deal with? 

Don’t let a bad hair day annoy you anymore. Resolve this by checking out this guide about the causes and solutions for your hair problems: 

1. Hair Fall and Hair Loss

Causes: These can be caused by medications and stress. For women, getting pregnant or giving birth can lead to hair fall and hair loss as it throws hormones out of balance. In the case of men, who suffer from hair loss more than women, this can be because of affected hair follicles, serious illnesses or very high drug dosage, thyroid conditions, or heredity. 

Solution: Reduce your stress levels and use a shampoo that will help keep your hair stronger at the roots. Since hair fall also causes the hair to thin prematurely, choose a shampoo and conditioner with hair thickening properties. Coconut oil, hydrolyzed protein like collagen, biotin or keratin, and natural oils help strengthen hair while jojoba and olive oil is best known to give the hair more hold on the scalp by making it more elastic and less susceptible to hair fall. 

2. Greasy Hair and Dandruff

Causes: When you have greasy hair, you’re most likely to have dandruff. This is because dirt and other pollutants can mix with the oil in your scalp caused by overactive sebum or an irritated scalp. 

Solution: Choose a shampoo that is specially formulated to regulate oil production, preferably with aloe vera, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Apply this on your scalp and you are less likely to worry about itchy and flaky dandruff. Also, do not try to irritate your scalp with excessive scrubbing or too much brushing.

3. Dull and Damaged Hair

Causes: Regular hair styling like perming, straightening, highlighting, or blow drying can make your hair brittle, broken, and damaged. You’d see the evidence of it with the abundance of split ends.

Solution: Aside from using a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo, you should also pick a nourishing conditioner to help restore your hair’s natural beauty. Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals like artificial colors or pigments and sodium laureth or lauryl sulfates to prevent further damage on your hair. Stick with shampoos with nourishing and strengthening ingredients like biotin, glycerin, and other natural oil extracts like jojoba and bamboo oil. 

4. Frizzy Hair

Causes: Brushing your hair might take the fly-aways in your hair and make it look neat, but too much of it can cause your hair cuticles to break resulting to unruly and frizzy hair. 

Solution: Aside from limiting your use of the hair brush, use a shampoo that will help strengthen your hair. Biotin will help strengthen frizzy hair while glycerin, water, and jojoba oil will give it a natural volume and restore moisture.

5. Dry and Flat Hair

Causes: Too much heat exposure causes the hair to lose its natural moisture making it look flat and dry – with strands feeling like a “broom”. Salt water and chlorine can also be the culprits during the hot summer season. 

Solution: A nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will do much to restore your hair’s volume. Look for moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil or any other natural oil extract, glycerin, and even ascorbic acid for healthier hair. Of course, try to limit your sun exposure or wear a hair cap to reduce damage to your hair.

Using a shampoo and conditioner with the right ingredients is crucial to keep your hair healthy. A gentle shampoo and conditioner with mostly natural ingredients like Nature's Gate enables you to give your hair a better care, making it stronger up to the roots.