Start eating healthy right now with these nine surefire strategies: 

1. Don’t skip breakfast. 

This might sound cliché – and it is – but only because this is a common mistake made by busy people. Breakfast dictates your energy levels for the day so if all you have is caffeine, you’d likely feel down once it runs out of your system. If you can’t sit down too long for breakfast, you can always have quick oatmeal, fruits or veggies to munch on the go, or have a protein drink or granola bars ready. Smoothies and fruit shakes are good choices, too.

2. Prepare your own meals smartly.

If you really want to eat healthy, don’t make a habit of ordering take outs. Prepare your own meals instead. Given your busy schedule, do the preparation the night before or plan your meals during the weekend. 

3. Grab easy-to-eat healthy munchies.

Stick with local and organic food like fruits and veggies that you can munch even without cooking to keep your body hearty and healthy. Some of these are unsalted dry-roasted nuts, yogurt, low-fat cheese, and tortilla chips matched with salsa. Avoid packaged food. The rule is that if it’s packaged, it mostly contains all things artificial like with flavors and colors. 

4. Never eat late. 

Even if you don’t feel hungry – you’re not likely to feel it especially with the bulk of things you have to do – do not and never skip meals or eat late. It’s because you might think you don’t need it but your body does. Besides, skipping meals makes you hungry for “salt,” which easily translates to junk foods.

5. Be a wise diner. 

Business dinners are a part of the job. But eating out is no reason to forego the healthy food choice. Instead of fried and crispy foods, opt for anything baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, or steamed. 

6. Limit the alcohol.

Studies show that a glass of red wine is not just perfect for the occasional toast; it’s very beneficial for your heart, too. If red wine doesn’t suit you, other healthier alternative include virgin Ceasar, a light beer, white wine spritzer, sparkling water, or if you’re the consummate health conscious, a glass of water with lots of lemon or lime. 

7. Stay hydrated. 

Your body needs more water than food. Make sure that you drink enough every 30 minutes not just to quench your thirst but also to keep your digestion smooth, your concentration sharp, and your energy level high. 

8. Supplement. 

No amount of diet will always be enough to provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Choose a high quality multivitamin to go with your food choices to make sure that you get the rest those nutrients you might be lacking of. 

9. Make healthy food choices a habit. 

It’s easier to order fast food but making healthy food choices is more of a habit than an impulse. If you really want to be healthy, discipline yourself to choose to eat healthy food whenever possible. Don’t worry because your body will definitely reward you by being healthy, beautiful, and strong inside out.

Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from making healthy food choices.