There are an impressive number of lemon myrtle benefits, and it hardly comes as a surprise. Did you know that while lemongrass and lemon peel have relatively high citral content at 3-10%, lemon myrtle is 90-98% citrus? Lemon myrtle, one of the prides of Australia, gives you the amazingly refreshing and exciting citrus-fragrance that is hard to beat! Having said that, the benefits of lemon myrtle goes way beyond just providing you with a fragrance that naturally calms your senses. 

Here are 4 natural benefits of lemon myrtle that you will want to keep tabs on!  

It is a powerful and effective antiseptic

Lemon myrtle can be used to treat multiple ailments that range from colds and sore throats to allergies, infections, and even gastric disturbances. This is due to its ability to exterminate bacteria.

It promotes healthy, glowing skin the natural way

Lemon myrtle is also a proven remedy for acne, warts, cold sores, itches, rashes, and athlete’s foot due to its potent antiseptic properties!

It supports a healthy immune system

Lemon myrtle contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, and zinc, and has doses of important nutrients including vitamins A and E. As such, it is able to boost your immune system and help you fight fatigue, depression, influenza, headache, and fever..

It is a rich source of antioxidants

Did you know that free radicals cause cell damage and accelerates the ageing of your skin? Lemon myrtle can protect you by countering the destructive effects of free radicals on your body because it is a rich source of antioxidants.

It acts as an exciting natural air freshener

Want to freshen up your home without the use of harmful chemicals? Lemon myrtle essential oil does an excellent job of removing nasty smells! Simply add a few drops to water in a bottle spray, and spritz your home with the amazingly refreshing lemon myrtle fragrance! 

Lemon myrtle can be utilized in many practical ways! This makes it curiously fun to experiment with and use. Check out for yourself how lemon myrtle can do wonders for you and your family's health and well-being!