My clinic provides outpatient abortion services for patients up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Our patients see our clinic as a confidential, personal alternative to the high cost of hospitalization. Patients at my clinic vary in age and come from all lifestyles. We recognize that you have a common bond: an unwanted pregnancy. You can be assured of strict confidentiality and the procedure will be performed by me, a trained doctor. We respect your right to choose and counseling will be done by a trained and supportive counselor.

The First Consultation
During the first consult, I will determine the age of the pregnancy. I will go through with you the procedure, the risks and complications of the procedure. If you fall within the group that needs counseling, you will be counseled by a trained counselor and will have to wait 48 hours before we can perform the procedure. This is to give you time to contemplate on your pregnancy.

Counseling and the Law
In Singapore, counseling is mandatory for Singapore citizens with 2 or less children and with some form of secondary education. Single women also have to be counseled. Women below 16 years of age need to be counseled at the Institute of Health. Work permit holders, employment pass holders and long term social visit pass holders do not need counseling. Women with 3 or more children do not need counseling.

The Procedure
For pregnancies less than that 14 weeks the procedure will be performed by vacuum aspiration. The patient will have to fast for at least 4 hours and sedation will be given as anesthesia. This is usually sufficient in the majority of patients. The patient will be monitored after the procedure and should be able to go back 2 to 4 hours after the procedure.
For pregnancies beyond 14 weeks, laminaria will be inserted about 24 hours before the procedure. When the patient comes back the following day, the laminaria will be removed and prostaglandins will be given to extrude the fetus.

Patients will undergo post abortion counseling after the procedure. We will require that the patients come back a week later to check for any complications.